Interchange Images

I’ve been unable to set time aside as much time to doing night-time urban HDR as I would like.  Now that the weather in Wisconsin’s summer months encourages trips outside in the dark, I felt bad that I haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity.  Last night I finally took the time…at midnight….and without a firm destination in mind there is no surprise that I ended up walking along the railroad tracks just west of the train station.  Color, shapes, lights and reflections provide some visual contrast to the old Canadian Pacific out-building.

Upon closer examination, I couldn’t resist the tall, graceful spans of the freeway interchange.

3 thoughts on “Interchange Images”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    This 14 point star is the product of a 7-blade diaphragm in the lens. Apparently, there is light diffraction perpendicular to the blades of the diaphragm. I am not able to describe the physics beyond this explanation. However, it is my finding that this effect is most evident at smaller apertures. This photo was taken at f8.0.

  2. Why are all your photos shot at night, are you a vampire? Seriously I think you are getting to good at photography we can’t keep up with such beautiful images.
    PS I think the 14 points come from Two shots combined (HDR) 7 blades x 2 =14. Well it sounded good in my head!!

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