You Will Like This Image….Do You Understand Me….Very Good

I wanted to test out an idea I had of shooting an Alien Bee through a porch shade, behind the “subject”.  I am using a 60″ Photek SoftliterII directly above the “subject”.  It’s new to the studio and I’m liking it’s bigness and softness.  I have a gridded flash unit hitting the top of the “subject’s” head – providing some edginess.  A large white foamcore board reflects enough light to barely see the “subject’s” eye(s).  Great expression on the “subject’s” face.

One thought on “You Will Like This Image….Do You Understand Me….Very Good”

  1. The quality of the light behind the shade has a very “oriental” look to it. I think of rice paper or Shoji walls. I also like how the vertical and horizontal definition of the shade is completely lost at the center of the flash and slowly returns as the intensity of the light diminishes. (1st photo)

    The lighting quality with the softlight above the subject is exquisite! The transition from being perfectly lit to practically no light is fast and smooth and it looks great. (2nd photo)

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