More Blinds in the Lab

I searched for a set of black window blinds to use in a couple of ideas I had for a noir-ish look I was trying to get.  You can’t get them at the hardware store – just shades of white and wood.  Amazon had some for about 8 dollars.  Then came the hard part – light shot through the blinds didn’t create a focused shadow the way you’d expect.  You need a hard light either a long distance from the blind or focused with a lens to get a strong shadow.  I tore apart a very old slide projector and created a focusing “nose” for a snooted strobe.  Here’s the kind of shadow I wanted to create.

The shadows and hard light creates a noir look that I really like.  My model was very co-operative and helpful with a very appropriate hair-do, dress and facial expression.

Taking one of two focusing lenses off allowed the background to hold the blind pattern, but smoothed out the light on the model.  The snooted, gridded strobe still provides a nice key light.

I thought it would be fun to shoot through the blind.  Good eyes!

One thought on “More Blinds in the Lab”

  1. 1: I like the effect, however I’d be more intrigued to see a side angle, with only the shaddows, or with the blinds even more out of focus, so much so that it’s almost like shooting through a mesh, while the shadows remain intact on the subject.

    2: Like the image. Would like to tsee the same shot, with the light on the subject from a lower angle (closer to the ground).

    3: My favorite of the set. If I were photoshopping, I would apply a slight dodge right where the iris meets the pupil and I think the eye would really pop.

    4: Very nice. Would like to see the blinds in focus and the subject relatively blurred.

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