I’m not normally taken to mentioning products, plug-ins, or presets.  FocalPoint 2 from onOneSoftware is an exception I don’t mind making.  All of us don’t have the resources to buy $2,ooo f1.2 or tilt/shift lens that provide ultra shallow adjustable Depth Of Field.  This plug-in for Photoshop gives you tools that you otherwise might not be able to afford.  Here are a couple of examples where DOF was adjusted in post -processing using this plug-in:

2 thoughts on “FocalPoint”

  1. I like the select focus software a lot. I can see many uses in different photos. I like the way your daughter seem to almost be coming out of the frame. This will really work well on portraits with a cluttered background. I need to see a larger version of waterfall to get full effect. Is there a Mac version?

  2. Thanks for the comment Old IT Guy. Let me see if I understand – you want a Big…..Mac version of the waterfall. Would that be with or without the secret sauce? I think I’m going to print up a 12″ x 18″ and see how the effect looks at that scale.
    Thanks again.

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