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Oracle HQ

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Oracle’s headquarters are in Redwood City.  Reflective windows on the building make morning light quite a sight.

Lone Cypress©!!!

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I fear that I’ve seen a glimpse into the future and I don’t like the view.  Imagine a Tea-bagger’s dream world – everything is private property and nature’s splendor is protected by trademark rights!!  Pebble Beach Corporation is way out in front of the free marketeers.  This inspiring view of the famous lone cypress is under their explicit control.  Pebble Beach’s lawyer, Kerry C. Smith, explained: “The image of the tree has been trademarked by us,” and that it intended to control any display of the cypress for commercial purposes. The company had warned photographers that “they cannot even use existing pictures of the tree for commercial purposes.”

If you like either of these photos so much that you’d like to pay me handsomely for a large print… don’t even think of it!  The mere thought may be illegal.

San Francisco…more

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Zach Galifianakis hired these guys to sing “He ain’t Gon’ E-Mail You” for a stand-up piece in the documentary “Comedians of Comedy”.  I captured them here while they were singing outside a theater off the U.N. Plaza that was running “Wicked”.  They are really good at street a capella.

….San Francisco (image 3)

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Downtown San Francisco was hard for me to pinpoint as just one place.  There are areas of interest throughout the city, but I’d say that City Hall and the United Nations Plaza could qualify as a city center.  This photograph silhouettes a shrine to Simon Bolivar, the famous liberator of South America, against a backdrop of City Hall.  This is a beautiful city.

Holy Crap – I Love San Francisco (image 2)

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A vigorous, dark-of-night hike/tumble down to Baker Beach from Lincoln Ave provides the hiker/tumbler a beachside view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  With 5′ waves crashing on the sand in front of you and breaking on large rock debris between you and the bridge you are totally removed from the city left behind minutes and 400 vertical feet ago.  It’s a beautiful, private sensory escape.  Then you wonder how you’re going to climb back up the sheer sand cliff you slid down 30 minutes ago.

Holy Crap – I Love San Francisco (image1)

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I was in California last week on a business – personal trip.  My business was in Los Angeles and my time off was in the San Francisco area.  I’ve been to both places before, but I had time to roam with a camera in San Francisco over the weekend.  Great city!

This graffiti was not by itself spectacular, but with tungsten light to my left and a florescentish light to my right the wall offered a smorgasbord of color and shape!

Milwaukee Art Museum

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Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava designed this Milwaukee landmark.  This photo has us looking out toward the lake from within Windhover Hall.