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I’ve been working on a photo project over the last 3 months that involves capturing night photographs in the city of Milwaukee.  Most of the photos I’ve taken so far involve the lakefront or riverfront areas.  I’ve found that the best time to capture the essence of the night not only “lit by itself”, but also existing by itself is to go out at 1:00 in the morning.  Other than an occasional passer-by a bit tight with drink, I have the city to myself.   Also important is the weather forecast for the early morning.  Best results are had when the winds are calm and the temperature is warm enough that I don’t freeze my ass off.

Find the website displaying this project’s photos at:  I hope to expand the cities covered over time and travel.

Kaela on Jumbo-tron

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I can’t take credit for the photo, but I will take some credit for my genetic contribution to the incredible academic and athletic career of my daughter Kaela.  She was recognized during yesterday’s Wisconsin basketball game against Indiana.  A proud moment for a very proud parent!!  Nice going Kaela!!

Gile Park Falls – Merillan, Wisconsin

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I carry my camera bag when I travel by car.  There are too many times that I’ve seen something that I’d like to shoot, but I didn’t have a camera with me.  Tonight I had a camera when I drove past the Gile Park in Merillan Wisconsin.  It was about 6:30 – twilight.  I was impressed by the color of the ice, the yellow incandescent light and the blue of evening.  The water flowing out of Oakwood Lake is rich in iron and I suspect that this contributes to the strange color of the ice.

Too bad they knocked down the old mill building that was standing last year.

Evil Witch Drops Dorothy in Snowbank – Misses Good Witch

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If you’ve travelled through Wisconsin on Interstate 90-94, you may have noticed a bizarre looking building just south and east of the 94-39-78 interchange near Portage.  This out-building is a casualty of an F2 tornado that struck the Bluffview area on August 18, 2005.  I’ve taken photographs of this building before, but this is the first attempt in the snow.

1925 Photography

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Looking at photographs of my mother as a very young child, I came across this image taken when she was 2 or 3 years old.  The effect this photograph has on me is incredible.  Even if this child were not my mother, I’d be transfixed by what is going on in this picture.  The shadows quickly become the subject as they tower over the small child that seems to play or probe the shadows in the dirt of the street.  The amount of light on the child is ideal.  The light exposing the dirt under the shadow causes you to question how organic the objects blocking the sun might be.

The photographic equipment at the time created a sense of other-place.  The focus is akin to a “Lens Baby” effect.  The sharp focus plane extends well back to the building and trees, while the outer portion of the image is effected by a vignette of blur.  This further strengthens the emotional effect of the image.

I’m so pleased to have had a chance to see this photograph.  Not only does this photo document an otherwise lost, private moment experienced by my recently deceased mother, but it also illustrates, at least in my mind, how light and focus can be used outside the normal rules or offerings of current technology.

A Capitol Idea

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Last Sunday I was able to spend in an hour inside the Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison with my wonderful daughter.  What a feast for the eyes….and ears – they were having a string concert featuring very tiny children with very, very tiny instruments.

This is a photo of the capitol dome (rotunda) – best viewed from a flat on your back position on the floor below.

This wing of the Capitol Building houses the State Supreme Court.  A badger head adorns each of four wings of the Capitol.  What a majestic, overgrown, mean-tempered rodent!  Ore miners digging holes in the ground in the southwest portion of the state reminded settlers of badgers.  Or was it the miners temperament.

I love the stairways in the Capitol.  The marble and wood glows so beautifully.